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My work begins in reverse: with a title. My interests in the interplays of words and image, in transpositions, translations, phenomenology, epistolary works, reverse ekphrasis, have crept into my artistic practice through design, documentaries, painting, and mixed media. This section is an outgrowth of the written word.

She Has Learned To Dance

Through A Glass Darkly


The Last Embers

The Last Embers.png

As If It Were A Feather


Of Life My Only Pleasure

Of Life My only pleasure.png

The Longest Distance


The Longest Distance - Installation


Dimensions 20" x 12.5" x 9"

Solid pine, paper, clay.


This piece invites the viewer to ponder the relationships of two couples during the second World War.


One group of letters, circa 1942, contains an exchange between a husband and wife separated by some 80 miles in Wisconsin. 

The other group of letters, is an exchange of correspondence between Lieutenant Milner and Mary Kathryn Lampton of Indiana separated across a range of locations by the exigencies of war.


The idea of "distance" is explored geographically, historically, and in a less literal sense, through time - the duration of their separation.

Août 1956


Août 1956 - Installation

Août 1956 - Installation

Dimensions 43" x 32" x 30"

Solid oak, paper, oil paint.

This installation explores the transient nature of remembrance and of epistolary memories.


It is named after a letter to my grandmother, typewritten by my grandfather on August 23rd 1956. The letter evokes his love for her by suggesting that in her absence, or in the absence of her love, he misses the world, the sun, flowers and, perhaps above all, books. The letter, through its emphasis on books, becomes the point of departure for a study of loss.

If losing one’s love implies the loss of books, perhaps losing books - and literature at large, means losing love. As new technologies emerge, and as the book as ‘object’ becomes the breeding ground of nostalgia, what are we losing beyond the weight, the touch and the smell of books?

L'Anxiété de la Page Blanche

Brian Davis Salon - Installation

The Anxiety of the White Page series - luan panels, bronze, books, acrylic.

The Anxiety of the White Page series - luan panels, bronze, books, acrylic.

Each square panel is 18x18.

L’Anxiété de la Page Blanche is a series of mixed media works commissioned by Brian Davis Salon. 

The work provides subtle aesthetic anchors for the space, designed around the white columns of the salon. They are inspired by a French expression for writers block, the anxiety of the white page, or "l'anxiété de la page blanche."

Into The Deep

Into The Deep series - luan panels, bronze, paper, pencil, oil.

Each square panel is 18x18.

Into The Deep is an homage to Albert I, prince of Monaco, who was dedicated to oceanography and scientific knowledge.

La Nuit

La Nuit series - bronze, paper, pencil, ink.

Each collage is 8x8.

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