This series was prompted by a dear friend who introduced me to the joys of professional wrestling. A mesmerizing mix of theater and athleticism, the sport transports us back to a time when...


..."He saw the Secret, discovered the Hidden,
he brought information of (the time) before the Flood.
He went on a distant journey, pushing himself to exhaustion,
but then was brought to peace"


(talented athletes of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Federation) 

Under The Volcano

Named after Malcom Lowry's famous novel, these images evoke the wonders of Kilauea, where fire meets water and where the center of the earth humbles us into a profound sense of awe.


"It was as though he were gazing now beyond this expanse of plains and beyond the volcanoes out to the wide rolling blue ocean itself, feeling it in his heart still, the boundless impatience, the immeasurable longing."

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Ma Nostalgie


A nostalgic visual expression of a place on earth I very much love and miss. With the exception of the Joshua tree, these scenes are primarilly from the Arizona White Mountains.


Low Country

Not far from where I live, I enjoy seeing the cotton fields come into full bloom in early November. Photographing them has become a yearly ritual, alongside finding inspiration in the rural adjacent landscape.

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Jacob's Room

This series evokes the methods of episodic memory and of its progressive, and indispensable, change towards a fictionalized image of the past. Author Jonah Lehrer describes this phenomenon in his book Proust Was a Neuroscientist: 


“In this Proustian paradigm, memories do not directly represent reality. Instead, they are imperfect copies of what actually happened, a Xerox of a Xerox of a mimeograph of the original photograph.  Proust intuitively knew that our memories required this transformative process. If you prevent the memory from changing, it ceases to exist.”

This series of photographs explores the fictional and transient nature of remembrance through a series of transpositions. The subjects find themselves in landscapes that seem familiar but that are inextricably disassociated from their sense of normality.


Home Of The Brave

Nothing is more evocative of American culture than the cowboy. Rodeo culture transports the spectator into a world that is deeply rooted in allegory and myth, albeit, eight seconds at a time.


The bull, a symbol of dominance and sexual prowess, is the inextricable force behind the rodeo’s traditions. Bull riding stands as the cowboy’s ultimate test of strength and courage - - and perhaps also, as an expression of sheer folly.


Most rodeos showcase seven sanctioned events – bull riding, bareback riding‚ saddle bronc riding‚ steer wrestling‚ calf roping‚ team roping and barrel racing. In our eyes, all of them display an extraordinary balance between agility, equilibrium, precision and primal improvisation. 


(all photography is available as limited edition prints upon request)

© 2018 Dominique Elliott, All Rights Reserved.

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